ECCS Canal Warehouse


  • On the top of EC-WAREHOUSE dashboard, the administrator will easily be notified for the work to be done, such as:
    • Receiving and confirmation of product inventory (barcode input or manual input)
    • Order Picking for Allocation Out
    • Packing and shipping
  • The number shown notifies how many works that need to be done. If it shown 0, means no more works or all have been finished.

  • In real-time, EC-WAREHOUSE is also displaying:
    • Movement Statistic
    • List of low-stock products
    • List of all products completed with the detail location, quantity, and summary of movement
  • All transactions in EC-WAREHOUSE can be done manually or by scanning barcodes to ensure and speed up all data entry.

  • In the Movement Statistic, the administrator can analyze the performance in real-time.
    • If the number of Request, Allocation-Out, and Delivery are the same, means the work of fulfilling orders has done.
    • If the number of Receive and Allocation-In are the same, means the work of receiving products has done.